Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Prehistoric Recipe Shocker

Here is a recent addition to the long list of dinosaur shaped biscuits. The packet, now in possession of the author, arrived from an unknown source. A word of warning, this could be a fake, this may may not be a genuine prehistoric artefact.

The product gives enthusiasts the opportunity to indulge in a little prehistoric cookery themselves (and very enjoyable it is too). This packet differs from all others in featuring a Cretaceous dinosaur.

Tyrannosaurus sniffs the fumes of freshly cooked biscuits. 
Dinosaurs are often accused of being dim-witted or stupid. However, note the neat apron and dashing oven gloves in the dinosaurs' attire, and contradiction to the notion of foolish dinosaurs

If genuine, this is final proof that dinosaurs evolved the essential baking skills necessary to feed themselves. This provides palaeontologists with vital clues regarding dinosaur behaviour and ecology.

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