Monday, September 4, 2006

Muttaburrasaurus ate Timtams (but what ate Penguins?)

New evidence indicates that the Australian dinosaur Muttaburrasaurus dined on TimTams, The Southern Hemisphere's equivalent of the Penguin.

The similarity between the TimTam and the famous bourbon biscuit is immediately apparent, the only difference being the chocolate coating on the Australian TimTam. British readers will also note the incredible similarity between TimTams and Penguins, both are essentially individually packaged chocolate covered bourbons. Indeed, a new family of biscuits has been proposed: the Chocreamidae.

This has serious implications for the theory of co-evolution between dinosaurs and biscuits. It is common knowledge that Iguanodon ate bourbons, and now we know the closely related Muttaburrasurus ate the bourbon-like, TimTam. Surely it is more than a coincidence. Another puzzle causing much bafflement is the parrot on the TimTam Packaging. Is a link here to the penguins?Conjecture implies that an Iguanodontids must have fed on Penguin biscuits. Work is currently under way in North Africa, where palaeontologists are now searching for conclusive evidence to prove the theory that Ouranosaurus, a sail-backed iguanodontid, found Penguins irresistible. One expert commented "biscuits are really tasty, these chocolate ones especially".

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